Saturday, February 26, 2011

How does your librarian help you learn?

Here's what kids are saying about their school librarian:

"My librarian . . . explains citations, recommends books, suggest search engines, smiles, hosts author visits . . . and loans books to me."

"She helps me . . . with my computer problems, finding a book, getting me excited about reading . . . and all that technical stuff I stink at. "

"She knows a lot and helps us research in the best way for our topic."

"Our librarian . . . inspires us to read and get involved with our school. "

"(She) helps us by getting us into stuff like Battle of the Books and other activities."

"She helps students and teachers with books and computers. She helps with assignments and stuff too. She comes in and shows us MLA format and how to cite sources. "

"She gets me books, gives ideas for books I should read, etc. She’s shown me a lot of books over the past three years, so she’s helpful to me."

"She gives presentations on how to do research . . . . "

"She helps A TON when I’m in the library doing work. She helps me find the right book for me."

"She recommends good books. She helps me with the resources and websites on computers that I need."

"A way (my librarian) helped me was she helped me find a mystery book. She spent a long time explaining what a mystery book is. I was very confused at first, then she explained it to me. (My librarian) is very busy, but still helped me."

"When I need a good book to read I can always count on the librarian to help me. The library also helps if I need to do research. (My librarian) also helps if I need to do research. She helps me when I need recommendations for a book to read. When (she) gives me a book I always end up really liking it."

"Our (school) library helps me because normally, my parents don’t have time to take me to a library, so when I need a book, I can just go there. Also, for some projects, it is very helpful to go there. It provides a lot of facts with books and websites. In our library, I think it interests us because there are different books."

"(My librarian) helps me because she teachers me how to research correctly and she also teachers a lot of other things to other kids."

"She helps me with technology and how to use it correctly."

Monday, February 7, 2011


Welcome to BHAG2: the Colorado School Library Advocacy Initiative!

This is the second year in which the Colorado Association of Libraries is attempting a Big Hairy Audacious Goal: to build support for one of the premier institutions of primary, secondary, and lifelong learning. And what is that institution? The school library!

This website is intended to provide a process to recruit, prepare, and deploy external advocates on our behalf. You'll be reading more about that in the coming months.

Meanwhile, thank you for visiting!